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Outsource Case
Preparation & Management
Your Credibility

Actuarial Services:

Grow Your Business
By Moving 'Up Market'
Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business By Moving 'Up Market'

Marketing for Advisor


What distinguishes you from the other advisors operating in your target market? 


1.    Education
2.    Designations
3.    Experience
4.    Your Team


There are currently a small number of advisors who can afford to bring an actuary “in-house”.  By signing up with Sadler Actuarial Services I will commit to working solely with you in your geographic region.  I will help to distinguish you from the other practitioners you compete with.

Develop Concepts


People will always do what they want, not what they should.


One factor for success in the high net worth market is the development of customized and simplified presentation material. 


Example client concept:

Outsource Case

Outsource Case Preparation & Case Management

Product Education


Accountants and lawyers are traditionally the gatekeepers for business owners.  You either need:


a)    Their referral to get you in the door
b)    Their help in completing a proper fact find
c)    Their approval to implement a program once your prospective client has agreed to proceed.


In many cases, accountants and lawyers tell their affluent clients they do not need life insurance.  My role is to prepare the numerical analysis to demonstrate for the accountants why their client may WANT life insurance.  


Strategy Analysis


Life insurance is A solution… not THE solution.  Strategy analysis acknowledges this fact and explores the Strategy Inventory, which may address the client’s situation.  This education of the client and their “other” advisors by sharing potential alternative solutions is more important than selling the product. 



Example concept outlining various potential client solutions:


Enhance Your Credibility

Client Meetings


Although successful advisors are quite capable of explaining how life insurance works, the added credibility of leveraging a professional with an actuarial designation is significant.  A marketing actuary helps advisors address technical questions with enhanced credibility through plain language answers. 


Case Management


In-force Business


Many clients have existing life insurance policies – some with significant values.  Bringing an actuary to the table provides an opportunity to:


  1. Optimize the existing coverage, providing enhanced policyholder values with no additional cash flow commitment.

  2. Update the ‘fact find’ possibly identifying new strategies or solutions for the client.


New Business


From application to policy delivery, each sale is an exercise in project management.  I will free up your team by leading negotiations with:


  1. The underwriting company regarding customized product features, underwriting offers, compliance matters, and reinsurance.

  2. The clients bankers where leveraging is involved in the sale. 







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