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About Scott

Scott Sadler, a Fellow of both the Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, is an accomplished actuary with experience that includes traditional actuarial roles such as: 


  • Product development and pricing (both group and individual).

  • Life insurance valuation & financial management.

  • Pension consulting. 

Since 1997, Scott has worked in the non-traditional actuarial role of Marketing Actuary where he has worked directly with some of Canada’s most affluent families - as well as their accountants, lawyers, and bankers. Scott’s role as a Marketing Actuary is to educate all involved parties on the reasons that life insurance has fast become an important component of an overall portfolio.


Recognizing that insurance is only one of many possible solutions, Scott works with the families and their advisor team to complete the analysis needed to make sure life insurance is an efficient and appropriate estate-planning tool for their circumstances.


In 2008, Scott launched Tecumseh Insurance Services Inc (now Sadler Actuarial Services), providing actuarial counsel as an independent consulting actuary.

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