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For Accountants:

Many clients wisely rely on their accountants for advice to optimize their personal, business and tax planning decisions and to avoid financial mistakes. Where life insurance is under consideration, bringing an actuary to the table allows the client to make better and more informed decisions by ensuring all parties offering advice see the big picture as it pertains to insurance planning.


A Marketing Actuary: 


1. Provides professional, accredited expertise specializing in the evaluation of all life insurance products / insurance.


2. Provides technical expertise regarding the impact of legislation on life insurance products, such as:


  • Revisions to the exempt test policy and Accumulating Fund calculations.

  • CRA treatment of Leveraged Insured Annuities.

  • Policyholder options in response to recent changes to treatment of 10 / 8 arrangements.

  • Grandfathering provisions for existing policies.


3. Works collaboratively with the advisor and the client’s accountant to create financial forecasting models to:

  • Allow the client to better understand the impact of the status quo (aka the Do Nothing scenario).

  • Reconcile the financial benefits versus the costs of the life insurance solution against all alternative strategies the client and the accountant wish to explore.

  • Integrate any proposed solutions into the current planning structure to provide enhanced client value.


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